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Support Initiatives

The Lighthouse Program

At Wildly Empowered's upcoming Wellness Centre

PTSD Considerations:

  • About 75% of Canadians are exposed to one or more events within their lifetime that could cause psychological trauma.

  • Many individuals with PTSD will not seek treatment because of stigma, lack of awareness, or other barriers. Also, individuals may be reluctant to share detailed mental health information. As a result, questions about a PTSD diagnosis may lead to different estimates than those based on symptom assessments, and both methods likely underestimate the true prevalence.

  • Sex, gender, and other factors can influence risk and vulnerability, access to health services, and socioeconomic consequences at different points in the life cycle. These factors intersect and can result in unique challenges that further complicate PTSD assessments and require additional research. 


The Lighthouse: Mission

one stop shop; long term solution

The Lighthouse Program at our upcoming Wellness Centre will facilitate a scalable model of support for trauma survivors; increasing quality of life through a plethora of tools, strategies and networks, focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit. 
By providing participants with access to a wide array of evidence-based treatments and interventions in one location and through a single point of contact, the program seeks to reduce the potential for the client to give up their search for help, feel lost or overwhelmed with the number of services available or challenged by the cost and energy of seeking out and accessing programs. 
Individuals will take part in a 30-day intensive, followed by 11 months of support which includes a transformational program with over 20 years of experience helping individuals overcome trauma and difficult life experiences. Clients will be able to access any and all modalities for recovery from PTSD, allowing them to re-enter their lives post trauma, with increased capacity that could take them beyond the baseline of who they were and how they functioned even before the trauma occurred.  
As a place of multi-faceted healing, careful considerations are being taken in every manner to ensure the Lighthouse Program provides optimal results for clients, even with the location and design of the facility. Wildly Empowered, it’s Advisory Counsel and Sponsoring Agencies who have committed to this project, value that human beings have a right to live a life rich with peace, joy and abundance and that being a witness or survivor of trauma, should not diminish quality of life or the liberty of living successfully and remaining productive members of their families, their employer’s and society overall.

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