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Introducing a GAME CHANGER for First Responders & Veterans

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The Lighthouse Programming

Through our relationships with individuals and organizations who support the first responder and military communities we are developing an affordable, evidence based, multi-disciplinary program that will blend traditional care with alternative therapies. Short term pilot projects at various locations arranged by our advisors will occur in the early stages to support a more enhanced long term program at a fixed site in the future.

The Lighthouse: Mission

One Stop Wellness Facility

Once the Lighthouse Program is developed, we will build a holistic wellness facility where the program will be offered in a longer term format. As significant funding will be required for this, we are first being careful to ensure the programs efficacy.

Policy Improvement Advocacy

We want to encourage the overall health of our first responders and veterans, therefore we engage directly with them, their employers and those that have experience supporting their mental health. These conversations help us learn where gaps exist, or enhancements can be made in existing policies and procedures so that we can advocate for positive change. 

Donate Today

By making a much needed donation, you can join Wildly Empowered in our mission to drive continued progress in mental health care and rehabilitation for First Responders and Veterans. Help us care for those that care for us. Your gift will support operational and program delivery costs, ensuring advancements are made in the development of our flagship program and that an impact can be made in our collaborative efforts with policy makers.

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