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"Raising the Vibration"

"Across Canada, multiple stakeholders and communities are mobilizing to address the challenges of PTSD and related mental health conditions. These stakeholder organizations (often led by individuals with lived experience) operate at both the national and regional level. They can provide services and peer support, as well as leadership and expertise to strengthen research, innovation, knowledge exchange and awareness, and to develop tools and resources for Canadians, employers, and health care providers." Source:
Wildly Empowered is an example of one of those organizations. Since becoming a federally registered nonprofit organization in 2017, Wildly Empowered has explored projects that “bridge the gap” between professional organizations and independent facilitators in order to enhance access and encourage attendance to all types of modalities that support mental health. Greatly uplifted by the clear understanding that much of society is aware of the same need, initial projects included the implementation of a yoga program at an addictions treatment facility and connections for organization leaders to highly skilled service providers for their own health support. In recent months, our organization has grown in size and strength, easily allowing for great success to be fostered with the incredibly exciting Lighthouse Project and so much more.

Current Board of Directors as well as committee members, advisors and contractors include carefully selected,

highly experienced individuals from varying backgrounds and disciplines. Wildly Empowered connects and collaborates with the most dedicated and charitable people who share and demonstrate our aligned values.

Contact us to explore how to you can share your unique gifts to raise the collective vibration; offering more powerfully sustainable, positive mental health solutions. Donate or volunteer today.

Board of Directors


Sherri Marienhoff



Fundraising Coordinator


Lynnett Tiszauer




Advisors & Advisory Council

The Lighthouse project was initially envisioned by the founders of Inspiring Light Foundation, Dawn Southey Hills and Malcolm Hills, survivors of PTSD. With our aligned purposes towards greater mental health support systems, Wildly Empowered accepted a request from Dawn and Malcolm, along with Rae-Ann Wood-Schatz of Integrity Seminars, to further develop this project and bring their vision to fruition.
Wildly Empowered is currently in search of an additional volunteer on the Advisory Council to fill the position of Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Expert. We are also opening up our Advisory Council to other like minded parties who are interested in working towards a Director position with our organization. Please contact us to discuss and learn more, and visit the "Get Involved" page to apply for consideration of this opportunity through the Volunteer Application form!


Dawn Southey Hills


Rae-Ann Wood-Schatz

Projected Timelines for Fundraising requirements & Initiatives can be found here:

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