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Building a Brighter Future for All
Our overall vision for a location in the Greater Edmonton Region includes space not only for trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs and services, but additional wellness opportunities as well. Reach out to learn more and subscribe at the bottom of this page to keep up to date on new developments!

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Donate Today

As a federally registered non profit organization, we are very blessed to qualify for some grant funding with a certain amount of matched contributions achieved through donations as well as our volunteered time and through other methods. We are deeply grateful for every expeditious donation in response to our organization meeting grant deadlines and bringing these (and many more) projects to fruition! While we appreciate all of our donors, it is important that we recognize higher level donations appropriately. If donations in excess of $1,000 are an option available to you, please reach out to discuss how we can honor you or a loved one in recognition of your gift.
Thank you everyone for the support!

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