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The human nature of giving is one of the most powerful forces, and while we may not have the ability to prevent trauma, we do have the capacity to support more immediate and long term mental wellness. Your monetary contribution will support administrative costs and a successful start up of the PTSD Recovery Program!

Our facilitators and practitioners of varying modalities are the key to success for our Holistic Wellness Facility which will support First Responders and Veterans. Click below to find out how this program can enhance your professional journey while your specialized contributions support this powerful initiative.

What is SkipTheDepot? A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling & fundraising super easy! Download the app and book a pickup using the link below!

"Teamwork makes the Dream Work!" We are currently looking for volunteers who are retired First Responders & Veterans, Government level policy makers, Marketing Specialists, or clinicians with First Responder or Veteran case management.

Donate Today

By making a much needed donation, you can join Wildly Empowered in our mission to drive continued progress in mental health care and rehabilitation for First Responders and Veterans. Help us care for those that care for us. Your gift will support operational and program delivery costs, ensuring advancements are made in the development of our flagship program and that an impact can be made in our collaborative efforts with policy makers.

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