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The human nature of giving is one of the most powerful forces, and while we may not have the ability to prevent trauma, we do have the capacity to support more immediate and long term mental wellness. Your monetary contribution will support costs required for a successful start up. We thank you in advance for your support!

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Our facilitators and practitioners of varying modalities are the key to success for our Lighthouse Project which supports survivors of trauma. Click on the link below to inquire about how this program can enhance your professional journey while your specialized contributions support this powerful initiative.

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There is always a need for more help! Apply today to find out where your passion and skills might best support this ever-increasingly important social movement! Marketing & Social Media applicants apply here:


Projected Timeline

Updated March 17, 2022

Facilitator Applications


We are bringing together our core group of individuals that will be leasing property space through Wildly Empowered and working with RaeAnn for the PTSD Recovery program as well as Dawn for the Trauma Prevention program. Applications for Other Initiatives are also welcome.


of Support


To support our Charitable Status application as well as Grant achievements, please email letters of support of our endeavors to We thank you in advance for taking the time to express an understanding of the need for these initiatives to be developed right away.

Charitable Status Application Submission

April 30, 2022 updated 04/20/22

Federally registered as a non profit organization, we intend to achieve Charitable status next. In the meantime, we are in search of collaboration with an aligned Fiscal Agent to support the provision of tax receipts for monetary donations.

Facility Property

Letter of Intent

and Deposit

May 1, 2022

Whether Wildly Empowered is in the position to acquire a property through purchase or a fixed term lease with first right of refusal on purchase, we intend to secure a space through effective conversations and collaborations as soon as possible.
Negotiations are still required to determine initial deposit amounts, however we anticipate needing a minimum of $25,000-$50,000.

Property Acquisition

May 15, 2022

Ideally Wildly Empowered is in a position to move into the location early spring of 2022, with facilitators beginning leases June 15th and their existing clients attending shortly after.

Grant Matching

Fundraising Deadline

May 15, 2022

$120,000 is required to be achieved through donations in order for available grant funds of this amount to be matched towards this incredible cause.

PTSD Recovery, Trauma Prevention and

Other Initiatives

August 1, 2022

Late summer is an ideal time for things to kick into higher gear following a strong foundational set up of the grounds through the warmer months. Stay tuned as this continues to develop!

All dates and details shown above are subject to change.


Fundraising Progress

We are at $23,344.10 so far towards the $120,000 that needs raised in order to be matched by government grants!!!
Stay tuned here for continuous updates as more funds are raised in support of our initiatives!

Donate Today

As a federally registered non profit organization, we are very blessed to qualify for some grant funding with a certain amount of matched contributions achieved through donations as well as our volunteered time and through other methods. We are deeply grateful for every expeditious donation in response to our organization meeting grant deadlines and bringing these (and many more) projects to fruition! While we appreciate all of our donors, it is important that we recognize higher level donations appropriately. If donations in excess of $1,000 are an option available to you, please reach out to discuss how we can honor you or a loved one in recognition of your gift.
Thank you everyone for the support!